Welcome to Bow Belles

Highly qualifyed Hairdressers and Wig Specialists

Helping you though your Hairloss Journey

Please contact us to arrange a one on one appointment on 01923222689


Use out selfie service and email us a photo – Info@bowbelleswigs.co.uk

Dedicated hair loss professionals helping those affected by :

  • Cancer

  • All forms of Alopicia

  • Thinning Hair due to Medication, Childbirth, Hormonal imbalence, Genetics.

Working with all The big name's

We work with all Big lables, offering you only the best wigs on the market by the best supplyers.


Welcome to Bow Belles

Hairdressers and Wig Specialists


At Bow Belles we have a large number of wigs to suit all clients for example if wefted,monofiloment and lace front is something you would like we can point you in the right direction and explain the benifits if you are unsure please check out the FAQs  here you will find all the information to help you make the right choice.

Hair Extensions

At Bow Belles We offer all forms of extensions but our go to hair is our tape-in extentions lasting 10 weeks giving you thickness and never any damadge, or if tape -ins arnt for you why not try our clip-in’s bringing you only the best hair at a afordable price.


we offer all Wig Accessories and wig care products including our shampoo and condioner making sure that its suitable for all wig types on the market along with this our wig caps,brushes and stands are brilliant at helping you maintain a great looking wig.


Toppers and top extentions are a add on to your natural hair giving you hight and thinkness without wearing a wig, This very versatle add on is the one for anyone going through genetic thinning of moderate hairloss.


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I have just had my first delivery from Bow Belles which I made via their web site and I am so impressed. The delivery was fast, the price was spot on and the wig is fantastic and looks like the picture – I love the blog that you did on making sure that you buy from a reputable UK supplier. I have been caught out far too often by buying off of places like e bay and dodgy websites when you notice that the English language written is a little off key!. I am now totally yours and will be back when I need a new one! Thanks again!

October 10, 2016