Before visiting us at Bow Belles

Before booking your one to one with us at Bow Belles, we would always suggest that you, a family member or friend take time to look around our shop on this site. This is vital in your one to one fitting process as it helps eliminate the styles that you might not necessarily like or are way out of your price range and helps us to determine what styles we would offer you.

We suggest picking 3-4 styles and 2-3 colours that you like and then contact our team  to let them know your favourites 2-3 working days before your appointment in salon. Our Bow Belles team can then ensure that there here ready for your first fitting and if you are pleased with your choice you can walk away with it that day!!

The reason we ask you to doo this is that we have found that clients became very overwhelmed by the experience of having to try on 20 wigs that were not their choice, style or colour and having to order them that day and arrange a time to come back into salon for the fitting process was daunting and nerve racking, and we do not want that. We want the experience to be relaxed, informal and stress free.

We also offer a personal service – free of charge, if there is a style you require or you have a picture of what you might like we can do the hard work for you by finding a wig almost identical in colour and style, just email it to us at

We will also do the hard work in finding styles that might be mono top instead of wefted or wefted instead of mono. We also can find styles that may be suitable in a shade more to your liking. So let us do the hard work, just turn up on the day ready to try the best picks !