Did any of you see the’ The C Word’ Drama shown on 3rd May on ITV?

Wasn’t it good? if you haven’t seen it its a very powerful story of a inspirational young girl called Lisa who decided to blog her way through her Cancer. In the drama she was played by Sheridan Smith, it goes through every emotion possible and is a must watch!!

In one of the scenes you saw Lisa enter a small white boxed room in the hospital with a voucher towards a wig were she was greeted by a slightly less enthusiastic gentleman.  He then reamed off girls names relating to the different wigs types, I did laugh, as we have over 400 wigs on our books with the same names mentioned in the program. I must add it sprang to my mind that  ours are much nicer though. Lisa left with her friend giggling away then when she returned home. Her fantastic husband then proceeded to book an appointment at a real up market wig salon – where again I sat horrified as she was greeted by a hoity toity sales assistant that decided to look down her nose at her. The wigs were a better quality however, retailed at £1,000, poor Lisa was devastated as she mentions ‘that she would much rather be buying  of Louboutins shoe’s. The two scenes were extreme and I do know it was to add to the dramatic effect. However, I am afraid that this does happen more than you would imagine and it upsets me greatly as I was realing off wigs in my head that would suit her for a quater of the price.

Bow Belles pride ourselves on our friendly approach, offering a smile and a cup of tea. We offer advice and support making sure that the last thing you need to worry about is your wig , That’s what makes Bow belles different.  We  have one to one consultations in a private and discreet salon or as im told like a living room and we  welcome guests with a smile into a friendly and warm environment and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Watch The Preview Now!! OR catch up on bbc one playback HURRY its only on for 18 more days..