Hair Donations

Did You Know It Only Takes 7 Ponytails To Make One Wig?….

Here are 3 UK Based Companies..

The Little Princess trust..

Suitable hair types:

  • Clean, dry hair in good condition (no split ends) from males and females, and of any natural colour
  • Straight, wavy, curly, permed or chemically straightened (in good condition)
  • Containing the odd grey (less than 10%)
  • Dyed, bleached/highlighted (any dyes must be of a natural colour)
  • Layered (shortest layer must be at least 7”/17cm)
  • Plaits/ponytails, cut a long time ago, preserved in good condition
  • Please Make Sure the Hair is Clean Before It is Cut

Unsuitable hair for Little Princess Trust children’s wigs:

  • Hair that is less than 7”/17cm in length
  • Dyed an unnatural colour (blue, green, purple)
  • Largely/mostly grey hair
  • Afro (the wig-maker is not a specialist manufacturer of Afro wigs. The Trust buys these wigs in separately)
  • Dreadlocks
  • Hair extensions

Please Take A look at there Site- This is were you will find the information of were to send your Beloved Hair.


Banbury Postiche 

Your hair needs to be at least 7 inches long to be used in wig making. The hair must be clean, in good condition and in a pony tail when it is cut.

Web Address :  http://wigsuk-custom paypal

     They pay between £3.00 – £7.00 per 25grams of hair. The longer the hair, the better the condition the better the price.

The Pattern Matching Department, Banbury Postiche, Little Bourton House, Southam Road, Oxfordshire, OX16 1SR

Please include your name and address, a contact telephone number or e-mail address along with a bank account
Number and sort code that can be used to transfer payment.

To Buy hair from us please call us on 01295 757410 or e-mail

Bloomsbury Wigs

Bloomsbury wigs run Hair Harvest, which buys hair to make their wigs. You send your hair to them and they pay depending on the length. You can find out about the process and prices on their website.

Web Address; This is were you will find the information of were to send your Beloved Hair.

The following is a typical guide to the worth of your hair:
10-12 inches – £15 – £60
13-15 inches – £30 – £80
16-18 inches – £50 – £150
19 inches and above- £60 – £200

Minimum requirements for hair to be accepted:


Minimum 10” of usable hair (often the bottom 2-4 inches have to be cut of due to dryness and split ends)

Limited Exception

Hair cannot be too dry and/ or have too many layers (as this renders the hair unusable)


Dyed / processed/ curly / wet / plaited or braided hair can’t be purchased


Hair must be securely tied in a ponytail